Supplemental Safety Programs

The BCMSA and WorkSafeBC (then WCB) entered into a Joint Compliance Project in the mid-1990’s, to develop Supplemental Safety Programs (SSP’s) to help employers comply with the newly revised Occupational Health and Safety Regulation.

The BCMSA has hired a consultant to update the Supplemental Safety Programs. Keep checking back here for recent updates!

Current programs available include:

Biological Agents (updated March 2011)

Cold Stress (updated December 2011)

Confined Space Entry (updated January 2014)

Contractor Coordination (updated February 2015)

De-energization and Lockout (updated March 2011)

Emergency Preparedness and Response (updated March 2011)

Ergonomics Program (updated June 2013)

Heat Stress (updated March 2011)

OH&S Program (updated June 2015)

Here’s an OH&S Program “shell”.  Once customized for your organization, it should detail all elements of your Safety Program. It includes helpful templates for Incident/Accident Investigations, Inspections, etc.

Orientation Program

Prevention of Violence in the Workplace (updated September 2013)

Respirator Program (updated December 2011)

Stay at Work/Return to Work Program

Statistically, we know that the sooner an employee returns to work after an injury or illness, the faster his/her full recovery will be.  We have created a Stay at Work/Return to Work Program template to help you with this process.

You will need to customize this program to meet the needs of your organization.  In addition to helping you establish an effective program for re-integrating workers into the workplace after an injury or illness, by following this template, your organization should be able to successfully complete the Return-To-Work Certificate of Recognition Program (when you complete the Health & Safety COR Audit as well).

Tire Servicing (updated March 2012)

Working Alone or in Isolation (updated March 2011)

Workplace Bullying & Harassment (October 2013)

Programs currently under review include:

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