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Certificate of Recognition Program Auditor Code of Ethics

The BC Municipal Safety Association (BCMSA) is responsible for overseeing and maintaining the integrity of the Local Government Health and Safety Audit program, which includes addressing issues around the requirements of professional responsibility. The BCMSA Auditor Code of Ethics is intended to promote an ethical and cooperative culture in the Local Government Audit program among all auditors.

The standards set forth in this document provide basic principles in auditor conduct and are the standard that is expected of all auditors. The responsibilities that the auditor has during the audit process place high ethical demands on their conduct and business practices. Read the full Auditor Code of Ethics 120402

Tools to help you:


Before you send in your audits to the BCMSA, review the  Audit Submission Checklist.pdf to be sure you have completed all the paperwork!

The following forms are required to be completed along with the audit in both .eca and .pdf formats:

Large Employer Audit Questions

Are you an auditor who prefers to enter all the audit results into your laptop, as you go?  Or would you prefer to take a paper copy with you, record the responses and enter the results later?

We have put all the audit questions – Documentation, Observation and Interview – into an excel spreadsheet, complete with the guidelines.  You can print from here:  Large Employer Audit Spreadsheet Printable Aug 2015

Once the audit has passed the BCMSA quality assurance process, we do recommend you destroy these printed pages, to help preserve confidentiality.

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