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We are very pleased to provide The Certificate of Recognition (COR) Toolkit:  An employer guide to COR Certification.  This Guide will help employers understand the Certificate of Recognition process.  Included in the manual is an overview of what is needed to succeed in achieving COR, detailed explanations of the audit tool questions and practical examples of forms, policies and procedures that organizations can use or modify based on their specific needs.  By following this manual, organizations can expect to improve their safety performance and reduce costs.



The Certificate of Recognition (COR) program rewards employers who have developed and implemented safety management systems against industry based standards.  It provides an opportunity for employers and safety associations to take a proactive role in promoting health and safety.  Employers can reduce injuries and accidents in the workplace, reducing worker suffering and improving the workplace safety culture.  Achieving and maintaining a valid COR is required for earning an annual incentive payment from WorkSafeBC.

Certificates are issued by WorkSafeBC and are co-signed by the Certifying Partner.  The BCMSA is the Certifying Partner for employers in the Local Government Classification Unit and is responsible for the creation of the Local Government Audit Tools, Training and Certifying External and Internal Auditors, and overall quality assurance of the program.

WorkSafeBC, in consultation with key stakeholders, has drafted a new “Work Disability Prevention” (WDP) Standard and is currently working on the development of an associated audit tool and resources for employers. There remains a goal for this new WDP Standard to be reintroduced into the COR Program in 2015; however, the decision to “unfreeze” COR RTW/WDP will only be made when WorkSafeBC’s Senior Executive Committee is satisfied that the new WDP Standards will result in positive and measureable outcomes.

If WorkSafeBC’s Senior Executive Committee makes the decision to unfreeze COR RTW/WDP, there will be more discussion and communication around the introduction of transition rules from the previous RTW standard to the new WDP standard relating to the COR program.

Accordingly there will be no net new RTW certifications until the new RTW/WDP standard and tool are ready for implementation. Employers that are currently participating in the RTW COR Program may continue to use the existing audit tool for 2015.

If you have any questions about the Certificate of Recognition Program, or the process, contact:

Justin Chouhan, Manager of Audit and Training Services
P: 778-278-3436
E: jchouhan@bcmsa.ca

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