Asbestos Awareness for Firefighters

Course length: 4 hours
Class minimum/maximum: 6/no max
Supervisors Safety Certificate Program: elective course
EOCP CEU’s: n/a
Price: $75 per person for up to 15 (minimum 6); $37.50 per person from 16+. Minimum $600 charge per class.

Course description: This training program was developed to:

  1. Provide attendees with enough information about the hazards of asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) so that during fire suppression efforts and investigative incidents, they can identify potential risks of harmful exposure and protect themselves and others from this risk.
  2. Familiarize attendees with applicable sections of the WorkSafeBC Occupational Health and Safety Regulation.
  3. Review safe work procedures that were developed specifically to provide fire fighters information on the precautions that should be taken during building inspections, arson investigations and during and after fighting a fire where asbestos-containing materials may be present.
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