Emergency Scene Traffic Control – Train the Trainer

This course is for fire departments only.
Course length:
 8 hours
Class minimum/maximum: 6/8
Supervisors Safety Certificate Program: elective course
EOCP CEU’s: n/a
Price: varies, depending on location
Post session: Certificate of Completion

Course description: In this course, you will learn to deliver the Emergency Scene Traffic Control (ESTC) training course for emergency responder employees who have responsibility for setting up emergency scene traffic control as a regular or occasional part of their work. The ESTC course will be valuable for a variety of first responders in fire and emergency services roles and will also be useful for supervisors.

Course outline:

  • Unit 1 – Legal Guidelines and Responsibilities
  • Unit2 – Scene Equipment
  • Unit 3 – Setting Up the Scene
  • Unit 4 – Directing Traffic Safety
  • Unit 5 – Review and Exam
  • Practical application in on-road situation

Visit www.bcmsa.ca/emergencyscenetrafficcontrol for approved instructors.

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