COVID-19 Practical Advice and Guidelines to Ensure Safe Operations for Workers

This document outlines essential safety protocols that municipalities should adopt as they restart or expand operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a living document and as new information or best practices around COVID-19 are learnt this document will be updated.

Version 4 updated May 21, 2020

COVID-19 Resources

In this sections organizations have provided specific documents around COVID-19 which can be shared. These documents include Policies, Safe Work Procedures, Exposure Control Plans and Safety Talks.

General – Sanitizing work surfaces SWP March 18, 2020

COV- SOP – Level 1 Cleaning during COVID – 19 outbreaks – 2020 – 03 -10

Level 2 Personal Cleaning Supply Station for COVID 19 Prevention Instructions REFM Cleaned facilities

Level 2 Cleaning & Sanitizing Station Checklist

REFM – COVID19 – COVID-19 – Cleaning level protocols – protocol – 2020

COR_Work station cleaning instructions March 18, 2020

COR_Vehicle cleaning instructions March 18, 2020

SWP – Working from Home – COK 2020 COK-Crew talk – working remotely considerations March 20,2020

SWP – Working Remotely March 20, 2020

Handling Mail During a Pandemic Fact Sheet March 27, 2020

SWP – Working from Home – COK March 20, 2020

SWP – Working Remotely March 20, 2020

Working from Home Form March 20, 2020

Report regarding special considerations related to Occupational First Aid and COVID-19 March 15, 2020

HR – HS – Notice to all City First Aid Attendants – COVID 19 – 2020-03-10

Instructions for Fitting N95 Masks March 20, 2020

Social Distancing – When it’s not possible March 31, 2020

Physical Distancing and Municipal Vehicles OHS Guideline_March 30 2020

COVID-19 Protocol – Hand Hygiene

COVID-19 Protocol – Office Area Hygiene

COVID-19 Protocol – Personal Health Check (May 2020)

COVID-19 Protocol – Remote Work Hazards

COVID-19 Protocol – Remote Work Safety

COVID-19 Protocol – Sanitizing Gas Detectors

COVID-19 Protocol – Sanitizing MV Radios

COVID-19 Protocol – Sanitizing MV Vehicles

COVID-19 Protocol -Travelling in MV Vehicles

COVID-19 Protocol – Physical Distancing

COVID-19 Protocol – Field Worksites

COVID-19 Protocol – Providing First Aid (April 2020)

COVID-19 Protocol – Confined Space Entry

WSBC OFAA COVID-19 Protocols

Protecting Workers at Large Industrial Camps During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Social Distancing and Municipal Vehicles OHS Guidelines

Contractors working during COVID 20200514 Generic

Covid-19 City of Surrey Contractor Enhanced Screening Guidelines

Virtual Workshop: Managing the stress of COVID-19 for employees

Dr. Joti Samra and Associates:

    • Coronavirus: What is it? Video and Blog
    • How to Manage Coronavirus Anxiety in the Workplace Video and Blog
    • 7 Tips to Manage Anxiety and Worry about Coronavirus Video and Blog
    • How to Manage Anxiety about Coronavirus (COVID-19) that becomes Overwhelming and Turns into Panic Video and Blog
    • Talking with Children about Public Health Emergencies like Coronavirus Video and Blog
    • Coronavirus: It’s not an excuse to be racist Video and Blog
    • What are the Risks of Coronavirus in Canada? Video and Blog
    • Effectively Communicating about Coronavirus in the Workplace Video and Blog

Canadian Red Cross: Preparing Emotionally for Disasters and Emergencies

Interim Briefing Note Addressing Mental Health and Psychosocial Aspects of COVID-19 Outbreak

CT 142 – Mental Health During a Pandemic March 25, 2020

Virtual Workshop: Manage the Stress of COVID-19

Pandemic Awareness Training FREE!

How to stay healthy and help stop an influenza pandemic from spreading

Provider: Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

Pandemic Planning Training FREE!

Understand a pandemic and what you need to do to prevent one.

Provider: Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

Tactics for Maintaining Mental Fitness During the COVID-19 Pandemic Webinar

Presenters: Dr. Bill Howatt / Jesse Adams, MSc

Free Webinar: Enhancing Psychological Health, Wellness & Resilience

Enhancing Psychological Health, Wellness and Resilience

When: Monday, April 6th @ 5:00-5:45pm (PST)

Provider: My Workplace Health
Presenter: Dr. Joti Samra, R.Psych.

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