Pre-Trip Inspection (Refresher)

This course is for drivers who operate air brake equipment and have not been through air brake or pre-trip inspection training for several years or drivers who need a refresher in pre‑trip inspections.  This course is also beneficial for drivers who need a refresher in air brakes because of National Safety Code violations or Motor Vehicle Accidents where air brake adjustments could have been a factor.

This course consists of the following:

  • Theory on pre-trip inspections including the North America Out of Service Criteria information,
  • Proper load securement,
  • Theory on air brake operations,
  • Theory on air brake slack adjuster operations and proper adjustments including both automatic and manual slack adjusters,
  • Operators will have a pre-trip inspection demonstrated to them by the instructor including an explanation of what needs to be checked on the pre-trip inspection and why,
  • The proper way to complete the trip inspection report and the correct way of recording deficiencies.

Each participant will be required to conduct a full pre-trip inspection of the vehicle, including checking all the slack adjusters, and complete the trip inspection report at the end of the training course.

At the conclusion of the session, a short multiple-choice written quiz will be completed by the participants. These will be marked by the instructor with the participants present.

Provided by:
Coastal Training

Course length:
8 hours

Class minimum/maximum:

Supervisors Safety Certificate Program:
elective course


$1,100 per class in Lower Mainland;
$1,300 outside Lower Mainland

Post Session:
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