Presentation Skills, Communication and Crew Talks

Course description:

One of the most powerful tools available to a supervisor in the municipal workplace, for informing, creating understanding, training, and persuading workers, is strong communication skills, especially when making presentations such as crew talks. This session is part of the series of training for supervisors aimed at honing their communication skills as they manage their workers in day-to-day health and safety efforts.

The structure of this course guides the participant through several building block aspects in preparation for the delivery of a health and safety related topic. The skills covered in this workshop can also be applied to the presentation of any topic important for workers.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe 3 key reasons for delivering a crew talk.
  • Explain how the two-way communication process is applied when making presentations.
  • Explain how to plan for the delivery of a crew talk.
  • Describe the three key components of an outline for a crew talk.
  • Identify design principles that can be applied when designing a crew talk.
  • Identify how to integrate and apply delivery techniques when presenting a crew talk.

Course length:
8 hours

Class minimum/maximum:

Supervisors Safety Certificate Program:
required course

Continued Education Credits (CECs):
In-Person/Virtual Course Format:

  • EOCP CEU’s: 0.6
  • CPHR CPD: 8 CPD Hours

Classroom Delivery Price:
$150 per person.

Minimum $1350 charge per class.

Virtual Delivery Price:

$1500 flat fee

Post session:
Certificate of Completion