Conference Presentations

Some presentations are not posted due to proprietary restrictions.

2016 CSSE Conference – Municipal Stream
September 2016 in Vancouver

MUNI-01   Asbestos, Mould & Silica – Ev Carefoot
MUNI-02   Challenging Our Culture of Risky Driving – Spencer McDonald
MUNI-04  The Invisible Hazard: Fatigue – Mike Harnett
MUNI-05  Road to Mental Readiness/The Working Mind – Dr. Andrew Szeto
MUNI-06  Work Disability Prevention – Judy Reilly,  Elise Kobylanski, & Patrick Whalen
MUNI-07  Interim Traffic Management Manual – Tracy Wynnick

2015 BC Municipal Occupational Health & Safety Conference
June 2015 in Whistler

The Humanity of It All, Making Sense of This Thing Called Life – Dr. Louis Franciscutti
Please note this is a 220 MB file and will take some time to download.

A-3 A-3 Leading from a Safety Excellence Stance
B-2  Hazard ID and Risk Assessments (Handout)
B-3  Young Workers EDGER Example
C-2 Safety Talks - Crew Talks - Tailgates - Toolboxes. They All Mean the Same Thing: Public Speaking!
E-3 Preparing for Disaster & Eliminating Hazards in Your Facilities
E-4 What's the Stink about Respiratory Protection
F-1 Work Disability Prevention
F-3 Emergency Response - 2013 Calgary Flood_ Fire Response
F-3 Emergency Response Global Helicopter Video
F-4 Arc Flash Presentation V2014 20150614
G-1 Hidden Office Hazards
G-2 New WorkSafeBC High Risk Policy
G-3 Contractor Safety Management: The Minefield

2013 BC Municipal Occupational Health & Safety Conference
October 2013 in Victoria

A-1 When Fleet Driver training Isn't Enough
A-2 Contractor Safety
A-4 Mental Health in the Workplace
A-4 Accommodating Mental Illness and Addictions at Work
B-2 Hazard ID Group Activity
B-2 MSD Reduction for Outside Workers
B-3 Preventable Injuries
C-2 MSD Reduction for Inside Workers
C-3 Risk Assessments Made Easy
C-4 Resolving Addictions at Work
E-1 21st Century Leadership
E-4 Friedback
E-4 Teamworks - Developing Your Self-as-Team
F-2 Hazard Awareness
F-3 Disputing Orders
F-4 Strategies for Implementing a Stay at Work/Return to Work Program
G-3 When Crazy Things Happen
G-3 When Crazy Things Happen Handouts
Tuesday Keynote Presentation Tuesday Keynote Presentation - Laughing Matters

2011 BC Municipal Occupational Health & Safety Conference
November 2011 in Vancouver

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