Safe In The Hall

Online Survey of Fire Chiefs and Firefighters

At WorkSafeBC and the BC Municipal Safety Association, we care about your health and safety. One third of firefighter injuries occur in the fire hall, so we jointly created a short “Safe in the Hall” video on workplace safety at the fire hall.

We would appreciate feedback from Fire Chiefs and Firefighters across BC to know if you had an opportunity to see the video, and to hear your views on the video. We also hope you will share your ideas on how we can work together in the future to reduce workplace injuries.

The survey will take about 2 to 3 minutes to complete. Your responses are anonymous. Please provide your input by Friday, December 22nd.

Thank you for taking the time to help us improve workplace safety.

Lisa Houle, Manager, Industry & Labour Services, WorkSafeBC

Mike Roberts, Executive Director, BC Municipal Safety Association

Firefighter safety training has always focused on the obvious fire-related safety issues and may overlook the more routine firehall safety hazards.

Five year statistics from WorkSafeBC show that less than half of all firefighter injuries occur at emergency incidents. One-third of all injuries occur at the firehall (excluding training events).

The BC Municipal Safety Association and WorkSafeBC, with support from the Fire Chiefs’ Association of British Columbia,  have created “Safe In The Hall”, a short training program designed to highlight the hazards faced by firefighters away from emergency incidents.

Special thank you to the Township of Langley Fire Department for the use of Firehall #6 and their apparatus, for the creation of the video.

The training program consists of a training guide ( Safe In The Hall Training Guide 160629) and short video (below).  Be sure to download the most recent training guide as it will be updated with new statistics as they become available.

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