Course description:

The Applied Field Practice (AFP) Program is designed to allow participants to engage the theory of the BCMSA SET (Shoring and Excavation Training) Program in a controlled outside excavation environment.

The BCMSA SET Program is a prerequisite to the AFP Program. AFP will allow attendees to work hands on around live excavations and trenches, utilizing various types of preventative measures, shoring and trench shield equipment.

The AFP Program will be customized to meet your organization’s needs, using the organization’s specific shoring fleet and equipment, or practices, as applicable.

In addition, the program reviews the WorkSafeBC Occupational Health and Safety Regulation, and their application during shoring.

Course objectives:

The session is designed to introduce each type of equipment the organization may utilize with an actual example of each system present.

The hands on portion for the attendees covers the following:

  • Choosing the correct system
  • Pre-job equipment inspection
  • Soil analysis and preparation
  • Installation
  • Backfilling a system
  • Blocking and bracing a system
  • End shoring utilization and installation
  • Sloping and benching requirements
  • Access and egress
  • Monitoring the trench line
  • Removal of systems

During the AFP the attendees will receive guidance and will conduct a full set of exercises on the type of equipment being installed.

Emphasis will be on participation by the attendees, and those attending should come prepared to engage as they would daily on an active jobsite.

Class attendance is taken at the start of the AFP Program. A review test specific to the activities of the program will be administered at the end, and will be graded by the attendees with the instructor.


  • Participants must have appropriate PPE, including hard hat; safety eyewear; reflective vests, coveralls or jackets; Steel toe work boots; gloves; and any additional equipment as required by the organization.  Participants should also be prepared for any weather with appropriate raingear and/or warm clothing.
  • A controlled site chosen by the organization is required to conduct the AFP Program.  This site should be away from active worksites ensuring no disruption or danger to the organizations’ daily operations, public or the participants.
  • Documentation indicating location of any underground utilities (i.e. BC One Call)
  • Existing trench shoring equipment/fleet, or access to equipment in order to conduct AFP.  This must be arranged in advance and available the day of training.  Confirmation with the instructor prior to the course is required to ensure this requirement is met.
  • Excavator or backhoe and qualified operator
  • Appropriate hand tools
  • Equipment to barricade the AFP training area
  • Occupational First Aid coverage to be provided by the organization
  • At the conclusion of the AFP, the training location must be secured and equipment removed

Provided by:
Interra Solutions

Course length:
8 hours

Class minimum/maximum:
no min/18

Supervisors Safety Certificate Program:
elective course


$150 per person;
minimum $2100 charge per class.

Post session:
Certificate of Completion

Shoring & Excavation Training (SET)

Course Timeline:
BCMSA Recommended – 3 years