Truck Mounted Crane Safety Training

Course Overview:

This training program is designed to provide Folding Boom Truck Crane and Stiff Boom Truck Crane operators with a solid foundation in health and safety standards, preventative maintenance and proper procedures for safe operation. The course consists of classroom theory with a written component and practical, hands-on experience. Content delivery will focus on applicable designation and can be customized to help maximize participant’s success with complying with initial crane assessments. Course content is delivered through a PowerPoint presentation and interactive discussion and reinforced throughworkbooks and supplementary handouts.

Please Note: In BC we are able to provide training on cranes with boom lengths less than 25 feet and capacities under 5 tonnes. In Alberta we are able to provide training on cranes with capacities under 8 tonnes. This training seminar does not provide you with BCACS or Fulford Harbour CraneSafe licensing.

The Course Curriculum Covers:

  • Safety regulations & standards
  • Truck mounted articulated crane fundamentals
  • Principles of balance, stability & capacity
  • Preventative maintenance & procedures (pre-operational inspections)
  • Safe operations (for applicable designation)
    • Folding boom truck crane
    • Stiff boom truck crane
  • Load control techniques
  • Rigging orientation

Provided by:
Leavitt Machinery

Course length:
8 hours

Class minimum/maximum:

Max: Experienced 8 / Novice 4 

Supervisors Safety Certificate Program:
elective course


$1,950 per class in Lower Mainland;
$2,300 outside Lower Mainland

Post Session:
Wallet Card

Course Timeline:
re-certification is 3 years

  • PPE Required
  • Organization required to provide equipment and are responsible for any related costs