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BCMSA Virtual training will mirror our in-person classroom training sessions where employees will be able to access online courses remotely and interact with an instructor via Zoom technology.  This training will help our municipalities remain current with WorkSafeBC regulations. Each of the courses offered will remain consistent with our in-class format – including curriculum, criteria, activities, length and exam.

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  • There may be additional charges for travel.
  • Prices listed below are for members of the BC Municipal Safety Association  (Local Government employers who are part of the Local Government and Related Operations Classification with WorkSafeBC).  Non-member pricing is generally 1.5 times member pricing; please contact Mike Roberts (mroberts@bcmsa.ca) for more information.

Asbestos, Lead, Mould and Silica Awareness

The work performed by public works staff could expose them to a variety of hazards. Exposure to some toxic substances could be life-threatening. All workers must be aware of the potential hazards, and understand and follow the controls necessary to prevent exposure.

Contractor Safety Management

The purpose of this session is to gain an understanding of how municipalities, Boards, Libraries, Commissions and contractors have a responsibility to ensure work is performed safely and according to WorkSafeBC legislation.

Due Diligence for Supervisors

At the conclusion of his half-day course, the supervisor will understand the term "Due Diligence", be knowledgeable about legal responsibilities as a supervisor, and be able to give specific examples of due diligence in the workplace.

Incident Investigations

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to explain the purpose and benefits of incident investigation, describe how to prepare for and conduct an investigation, recognize immediate causes and underlying root causes of incidents, and more.

JOHSC Fundamentals

JOHSC Fundamentals has been designed by WorkSafeBC and amended by the BCMSA to meet the needs and specific responsibilities within the municipal sector.

Office Ergonomics

The goal of this course is to improve the comfort and efficiency of the office environment while minimizing the risk for the development of musculoskeletal disorders.

PPE Basics

The goal of this course is to teach participants where to find applicable WorkSafeBC Regulation, identify hazards that may require PPE, and understand the use, maintenance and storage requirements of PPE.

Prevention of Workplace Violence

This course covers the entire spectrum of workplace violence, focusing particularly on the ways in which employees can identify the potential for workplace violence, attempt to defuse it, and respond to it should it unfortunately occur.

SONAR Safety Leadership

This 1-day training program is designed to provide today’s safety leaders with the capacity, skills and tools to listen and respond to their workplace, as well as how to communicate effectively and successfully with everybody in it.


Upon completion, participants will know the purpose of WHMIS, be able to describe and understand key elements, know the rights and resonsibilities of suppliers, employers and workers, understand hazard symbols and their meaning, and more.

Worksite Safety Inspections

Employers are required to conduct regular inspections of their operations. This course will provide participants with techniques and templates to help plan and conduct inspections, prioritize hazards, write effective reports and assign responsibility for corrective action.

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