Winter Driving

This course includes the following information:

  • Choosing to drive in adverse weather conditions,
  • Being ready to drive in adverse conditions,
  • Having the vehicle ready,
  • Steering control in ice and snow,
  • Proper braking techniques,
  • Following distances,
  • Using anti-lock braking systems,
  • Reading the road surface,
  • Using lights,
  • Speed control,
  • Lane position,
  • Negotiating intersections,
  • Negotiating hills and steep grades,
  • Using 4-wheel drive,
  • Using all-wheel drive,
  • Front-wheel drive vehicles and gaining traction,
  • Rear-wheel drive and the dangers,
  • Keeping the fuel tank full,
  • Using tire chains – if required,
  • Getting home safely.

This course is conducted in a lecture discussion format and requires attendees to participate.

During the session participants will be required to complete written quizzes, which will be marked by the class to initiate group discussions.

At the conclusion of the course, participants will complete a final written quiz.

Provided by:
Coastal Training

Course length:
4 hours

Class minimum/maximum:

Supervisors Safety Certificate Program:
elective course


$650 per class in Lower Mainland;
$850 outside Lower Mainland

Virtual Delivery Price:
$6,50 per class.

Post Session:
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