Electrical Hazard Awareness for Municipal Workers

Course description:

Our Electrical Hazard Awareness for Municipal Workers is meant for those who work around high-voltage power lines, either overhead or underground.  This includes crane, mower and excavator operators, arborists, sign and banner installers, and those working in construction, paving and maintenance.  Topics include:

  • The basics of how electricity behaves
  • An introduction to BC Hydro’s power system
  • How to spot overhead and underground hazards
  • How to plan your work and carry out your plan in a safe manner
  • What to do if your equipment contacts a power line, if you encounter a downed power line, or if you need to escape from an energized area
  • How to meet WorkSafeBC requirements for working near high-voltage lines

Course length:
2 hours

Class minimum/maximum:


$450 charge per class.