Training that safeguards the physical and psychological health of workers.

We deliver courses for our members (municipalities) when they request them. If there are any sessions with seats available they will be shown on the Classroom Calendar.

Please note:

There may be additional charges for travel.

Prices listed below are for members of the BC Municipal Safety Association  (Local Government employers who are part of the Local Government and Related Operations Classification with WorkSafeBC).  Non-member pricing is generally 1.5 times member pricing; please contact BCMSA for more information.

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Your organization’s training is important to us. Efficiency is key to coordinating all training requests. We value time and resources, both yours and ours, which is why we have outlined the policies below.


1. Training Requests

Onsite classroom training can be requested by visiting our Training Request Form. Information you will need is:

  • Course name
  • Date(s)
  • Time(s)
  • Location(s)
  • Organization Contact Person
  • Specific trainer request, if any

Allow a minimum of fourteen days advance notice in order to communicate with contract trainer/training organization to confirm dates, times and locations. This can be flexible depending on the nature of the request and urgency of the training.

Do you have an annual training calendar or want to schedule multiple courses? No problem, we ask that you submit your requests at least 30 days in advance of the first scheduled course.

Contact Justin Chouhan, Manager of Audit and Training Services
Phone 778-278-3436  |  Email

2. Training Confirmations

The organization contact person will receive an email confirmation at least nine days prior to course date. All final course details (audio visual requirements, classroom set up, and any equipment specific to the training) are provided at this time.

We ask that each organization provide confirmed numbers of participants at least five days prior to course date. This helps us provide enough participant materials.

3. Invoicing

Invoices will be sent to the organization contact person within 21 days of training and are payable upon receipt. BCMSA accepts Visa, Mastercard, or Cheque as payment.

4. Cancellation

The BCMSA requires at least eight business days to cancel or reschedule a course to avoid course fee. Organizations will be invoiced in full for courses when the BCMSA is notified less than eight business days prior to course date.

5. Online Learning

Single or bulk purchase options are available. Payment is required online at time of purchase.


Course Cancellations

BCMSA reserves the right to cancel any course if enrollment is too low. If a course is cancelled all registrants will be notified by email and receive a full refund.


For individual enrollments, full refunds are available for all courses if requested one week prior to the day the course starts. 50% refunds are available for all courses if requested at least 48 hours prior to the day the course starts.

Eligibility for Training

It is our priority to provide training to our members. If our calendar has availability, non-member organizations are welcome to schedule training through us.


BCIT has assessed our courses and Programs and has granted the following transfer credits into their Occupational Health & Safety Certificate Program. Transfer credits may be used to satisfy the elective credit requirements of the program.

  • Every 8-hour course is worth .5 transfer credits
  • Every 16-hour course = 1 transfer credit
  • Every 24-hour course = 1.5 transfer credits (eg. Utility Locator Specialist)
  • Completion of the Supervisor Safety Certificate Program (SSCP) = 2 transfer credits
  • Completion of the Municipal Worker Safety Certificate Program (MWSCP) = 1.5 transfer credits

Several of our training programs have been granted CEU’s from the Environmental Operators Certification Program (EOCP). Information on available CEU’s are noted in the Course Catalogue.

CEU’s are available retroactively, so if you have taken one of these courses and would like to submit them for credits, please contact us for the form.

Participants are provided with an EOCP Evaluation form at the training session. For those who are EOCP-certified, please note that it is the responsibility of your organization, or the individual EOCP member, to forward a copy of the form to EOCP to ensure the appropriate Continuing Education Units are credited to his/her name, and to pay any associated fees levied by the EOCP. The BC Municipal Safety Association will not provide this information or payment on their behalf.


Can’t find what you’re looking for? Need more information?

Contact Justin Chouhan, Manager of Audit and Training Services
Phone 778-278-3436