Isolation and Lockout

Course description:

Personnel conducting maintenance and repair operations on machinery and equipment are exposed to possible injury from the unexpected start-up of the equipment, or the release of stored energy in the equipment. The purpose of a Lockout program is to prevent injury to individuals from the unintended release of energy. The Lockout program requires the use of specific safety procedures to shut down, isolate, prevent the release of stored energy, and to bring the equipment back on-line. This course will help ensure that employees understand the concepts and methods for isolating and locking out equipment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the definitions of various terms used for isolation and lockout.
  • Describe Part 10 of WorkSafeBC Regulation.
  • Describe responsibilities for lockout.
  • Identify lockout situations.
  • Discuss how to implement isolation and lockout.

Course length:
4 hours

Class minimum/maximum:

Supervisors Safety Certificate Program:
elective course


Classroom Delivery Price:
$75 per person for up to 15;
$37.50 per person from 16+.
Minimum $1,000 charge per class.

Virtual Delivery:

$1,000 flat fee up to 20 participants

Post session:
Certificate of Completion

Course Timeline:
BCMSA Recommended – 3 years