Fatigue Management: Sr. Leadership/Management

Course description:

The goal of this 4 hour session is to achieve commitment from management on their roles and responsibilities as it relates to fatigue mitigation.

Participants will be introduced to; 1) a strategic framework based on a systems management approach including the use of applicable metrics, and 2) a tactical approach to fatigue risk assessment and organizational efforts to mitigate risk, resulting in reduced health and safety costs and improved operational performance.

Topics include:

  • What is Fatigue
  • The Science of Fatigue (Sleep/Wake Cycle)
  • Introduction to a Fatigue Risk Management System (Strategic Framework)
  • Introduction to a Fatigue Risk Assessment Process (Tactical Approach)
  • Developing a Path Forward

Provided by:
Solaris Fatigue Management – a proud division of WorkSMART Ergonomics Ltd.

Course length:
4 hours

Class minimum/maximum:

Supervisors Safety Certificate Program:
elective course


Classroom Delivery Price:
$1,300 per class

Virtual Delivery Price:
$1,250 flat fee up to 15 participants