Traffic Control Lane Closures & Supervisions

Course Overview:

Many different roadside workers will take on the responsibility of managing traffic control, including:

  • Traffic Control People (TCPs),
  • Laborers
  • Foreman & Superintendents
  • Equipment Operators

Workers need to know their rights and responsibilities when in charge of traffic control. This course will provide information for all workers to safely identify and work with traffic control concepts.

Learning Objectives:

  • Roles and Responsibilities for Supervisors and Traffic Control Supervisors (WorkSafe BC & Traffic Management Manual)
  • Job duties and roles of a Traffic Control Technician.
  • Review and understand set up of Traffic Control Sites.
  • Discuss Risk Assessments and modification for Site-Specific Traffic Control Plans.
  • Create Informal Site-Specific Traffic Control Plans.
  • Review and modify existing Traffic Control Plans.
  • Set up an appropriate taper and handle equipment safely. (*Optional)

Course length:
8 hours

Class minimum/maximum:

Supervisors Safety Certificate Program:
elective course


Classroom Delivery Price:
$150 per person for up 12
$75 per person from 13+
Minimum $1500 charge per class.

Virtual Delivery Price:

*Flat fee of $1500

Post session:
Certificate of Completion