Enhancing Personal & Workplace Relationships: Effectively Communicating and Managing Interpersonal Conflict

Psychological Health & Safety (PH&S) in the Workplace: An Overview for People Leaders, Managers and Supervisors

Enhancing Individuals & Organizational Change: Actionable Steps to Cultivate Psychologically Health, Safe & Resilient Work Environments

The Critical Importance of Cultivating Psychological Health & Safe Work Environments: Understanding Employer Responsibilities

Resilient Minds™ – Building the Psychological Strength of Fire Fighters

Mental Health Return to Work for Supervisors Training

Research has identified workplace supervisors as a key participant for successful return to work programs. This course will equip supervisors to work with HR/OHS and take them from uncertainty to confidence when managing mental health related absence and RTW.

Responding with Respect On the Front Line

When working on the front line, it’s not always easy to navigate challenging behaviour from clients or customers who may be experiencing a mental illness, including addiction. This workshop shows how the 4Rs of Recognize, Respond, Refer, Reconnect can help.

Awareness of Mental Health Training

This workshop is designed to help build comfort in talking about mental health and mental illness, and learn how to respond in a supportive way to co-workers who may be experiencing a mental illness.

Safe and Sound: Building and Sustaining a Psychologically Safe and Healthy Workplace

Creating a safe workplace goes beyond hard hats and ergonomics. It also means protecting the psychological health and safety of your employees.This workshop provides insight into the components of a psychologically healthy and safe workplace.